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Travel Medicine consultations available

Planning a trip overseas? It’s never too late to book a Travel Appointment.  Ideally it would be best to book at least 6-8 weeks before you are due to depart.

Dr Sharnti Caulley and Dr Katherine Dent specialise in Travel Medicine and are Yellow Fever Accredited.

Travel Vaccines and personalised first aid kits are available on site. 

Ring the surgery or make your appointment online using the Appointuit tab on our website or download the App.



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Travel Health Bulletin

Autumn 2015


  • Influenza deaths in Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong has reported almost double the death rates from Influenza this season compared to last season.
    • Intensive care beds are at 95% capacity.                                                                                  How can I protect myself?
    • Discuss influenza vaccination with your Travel Doctor and consider carrying emergency treatment for those at highest risk.
  • Measles outbreak in Canada
    • Canada is the latest in a long line of countries reporting higher than average numbers of confirmed cases of Measles.
    • 139 cases have been reported since late January 2015.                                                           How can I protect myself?
    • Discuss your vaccination history with your Travel Doctor. Measles immunity can be confirmed by a blood test if necessary.
  • Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu
    • Heavy rain and strong winds have caused flooding and extensive damage to infrastructure however many resorts are still in operation.
    • Expect disruption to transportation and avoid affected areas.                                              How can I protect myself?
    • Confirm with your resort and transportation providers that all are in operation prior to departure. In some cases your Travel Doctor may recommend certain vaccines for added protection.
  • MERS-CoV outbreak in United Arab Emirates
    • MERS-Co virus causes a respiratory illness with 73 documented cases in the United Arab Emirates.
      • The virus can be contracted from infected people or camels.                                              How can I protect myself?
      • Practice good hand hygiene and avoid contact with camels and camel products including milk and meat.