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The online appointment booking platform has changed from Appointuit to HotDoc.

New patients cannot make an appointments through HotDoc.  Please see New Patient information below.

If you’re an existing patient you can click the green “Book Appointment” tab above to create a HotDoc account or add this location to your existing account and save your Doctor.

If you cannot find a time for your regular GP through HotDoc, you may send an email to or ring 33692444 and Reception staff will check your Doctor’s availability.  If there is still nothing available, we can add the patient/s to your Doctor’s cancellation list. 

If a time becomes available on your preferred day, you will receive a text asking you to confirm an appointment. If no response is received at the practice end within 30 minutes, you will then receive a phone call.  If no answer, you will return to your Doctor’s cancellation list and another patient will be added to that appointment time.

Consultations are made by appointment with the doctor of your choice.  Urgent cases are triaged by a nurse and priorotised accordingly. If you have few things to discuss in your appointment, your Doctor would appreciate selecting a Long Appointment through HotDoc or advise Reception so they can allocate an appropriate amount of time.

Due to the unpredictable nature of general practice consultations, your doctor will sometimes run behind schedule.  They apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Payment is required on the day for ALL consultations.

Phone appointments:  all patients will receive a text with a link from HOTDOC to enter credit card details through their HOTDOC account.  This information is held securely with HOTDOC.  If the appointment was booked online you will be asked to confirm your preferred method of payment before booking the appointment.  You will not be able to proceed if this step is not completed.   If you make an appointment through a staff member, you will have 90 minutes to store your credit card behind that appointment otherwise it will be automatically cancelled by HOTDOC. Your  Doctor has requested this process for all Telehealth appointments so it is important to store your credit card as soon as possible to avoid losing your appointment.

After your consultation, your doctor will determine the fee they wish to charge.  Once confirmed a payment will be processed for the Doctor’s fee plus a bank fee (1.75% + 0.30 cents) will be applied to the credit card the patient has stored against that appointment.  Our staff will transmit the patient’s rebate to the bank account they currently have registered with Medicare.  If an invoice is raised for your consultation, a $5 administration fee will be added.

Similar payment method will be sent to patients who have Car Consults.

Please ring RHDS 33692444 if you have any questions relating to this system


All New Patients must download and complete the Patient Social and family history form, New patient detail form and Patient privacy information below for each person requiring an appointment.  Once completed, please email to then ring 33692444 to arrange an appointment.  Advise staff the person being booked is a new patient to the practice and forms have been emailed through. 

Once an appointment is made we will create a patient file which will allow us to send confirmation sms for you to confirm.  The completed forms will be scanned into your clinical file ready for the appointment with your Doctor.

The 3 forms below MUST be completed and emailed to before an appointment can be made:

Patient information brochure:

Specialist Referrals

Your Doctor requests a consultation is required for all specialist referrals without prejudice. This enables your doctor to provide the specialist with the current details of your medical condition. The referral is a legal document, which enables you to claim benefits from Medicare. Please ensure that you obtain this before your specialist appointment, as it is illegal for your Doctor to backdate referrals or to write one without having had a consultation with the patient.

Management of Investigations

Your doctor may make a request for further investigations such as pathology tests or X-Rays and requests a follow up appointment is booked to discuss these test results and your future management. Managing your investigation results this way enables your Doctor to support you in maintaining and coordinating your long term health. Results (other than normal CST) will NOT be communicated over the phone by our Reception or Nursing staff.

If your CST result is not completely normal your doctor will ask you to make a follow-up appointment.

Patient Feedback

Your Feedback is important! We always welcome any constructive comments or suggestions can be emailed to  Our staff are also here to help you, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If you wish to send feedback online and/or anonymously, please visit our Contact page.


Due to COVID-19 it is IMPORTANT to book a Phone (Telehealth) appointment if you fit any of the criteria listed below:

Respiratory symptoms such as: loss of smell and/or taste, cough, sore throat, runny nose, temperature (fever), shortness of breath, vomiting or nausea, diarrhoea, fatigue, joint or muscle aches and pains, loss of appetite , and/or recently travelled from a declared COVID-19 Hot Spot, (Qld Hotspot and Border restrictions) and/or been a close contact with a person who has tested positive to COVID-19?

Effective 1st of October 2020, the Government made changes to Telehealth. Fees apply for all Face to Face and Telehealth consultations

To receive a Medicare rebate for a Telehealth appointment, the patient must have had a face to face consultation at the Practice in the last 12 months. If not, the out of pocket cost will be the whole consultation fee.

For all Urgent medical attention ring triple zero (000).

New Patients cannot book an appointment online. Please download new patient forms under the Booking tab, complete and email to then ring 33692444 to make an appt. All other Face to Face appointments can be made either online through Appointuit or ring 33692444 and our Reception staff will endeavor to arrange an appointment time with your Doctor that suits you.